API Docs

DataMotion provides a comprehensive set of APIs that enable DataMotion customers to integrate HIPAA-compliant secure messaging into their applications and workflows. DataMotion Web APIs cover a broad range of solutions from provisioning and managing user accounts to sending, receiving and tracking secure messages.

Below is a brief description of our various APIs. For more in-depth information, click the menu on the left.


Admin API

The Admin API enables company administrators to programmatically perform basic account administration for users within their company. Admins can also use this API for SMTP Gateway administration, as well as automation/user impersonation.

Messaging API

The Messaging API facilitates all message handling with various methods for sending, receiving, and manipulating a user's inbox.

Provisioning API

The Provisioning API enables approved integration or reseller partners to programmatically provision companies with DataMotion Secure Message Center services.

Direct Messaging API

The Direct Messaging API is the REST interface for all Direct Secure Messaging functionality.

Direct Provisioning API

The Direct Provisioning API (DP API) offers a programmatic interface to the DataMotion Direct Provisioning Portal (DPP) for automatic Direct address provisioning.

HPD Search API

The Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) Search API allows for integrating HPD search and retrieval into existing applications and workflows.


The Identity Validation Service (IDVS) allows for programmatic ID validation and Direct Provisioning.